Theme: Education, Multiannual Financial Framework
Title: Erasmus
Policy Reference: COM (2018) 367


The new Erasmus programme is intended to contribute towards the establishment of a European Education Area by 2025, with a proposed budget of €30 billion. It is expected to triple the number of projected participants to 12 million citizens.

European Commission

The proposal was published by the European Commission on May 30, 2018.

European Parliament

The European Parliament adopted its first reading position on March 28, 2019. The Parliament’s main proposal was an increase to the total budget from €30 million to almost €47 million.

Council of the EU

The Council reached an agreement on a partial general approach, which excludes budget-related issues. The position of the Council’s first reading of the proposal is being negotiated.

Negotiation Stage

The first trilogue on the draft Regulation on Erasmus was held on 7 October and involved a first exchange of views on Articles 1-13.

Final Adoption

The proposal is currently at a trilogue stage

Local Implementation

The local implementation will be the responsibility of EUPA