Joint statement of the members of the European Council, 26 March 2020

Following the informal video conference on 26 March 2020

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COVID-19 outbreak – How is it affecting EU Funds and EU Funded Projects?

March 24, 2020
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Ventilators and protective masks to help EU countries fight COVID-19...

COVID-19: Commission creates first ever rescEU stockpile of medical equipment

March 20, 2020
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Guidelines to reassure passengers that their rights are protected

COVID-19: Commission provides guidance on EU passenger rights

March 18, 2020
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Conclusions by the President of the European Council

Video conference with members of the European Council on COVID-19

March 17, 2020
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Measures to protect health and keep goods and essential services...

COVID-19: Commission presents guidelines for border measures

March 16, 2020
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Heads of State and Government welcomed the initiative to hold...

Statement by European Council President following video conference on COVID 19

March 11, 2020
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