Conference: Work-Life Balance – The Right to Disconnect

28 October 2019

The evolution of technological and digital solutions and platforms have contributed towards a radical change in working practices and in the working environment. While digital tools bring flexibility and freedom to workers, they can also create an absence of limits, leading to excessive interference in the private lives of employees. As a result of this, many are now asking whether employees are obliged to, and if yes, to what extent, continue attending to work related matters outside working hours.

To start the debate, MEUSAC is organising a half-day conference on the Right to Disconnect, an essential aspect of Work-Life Balance. The conference will take place on October 28, 2019 at the Luzzu Complex, Seashells Resort at Suncrest, Qawra. Registration at 9am.

For more information and to reserve your place, please contact us on

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