Training Opportunity for NGOs

Capacity Building for NGOs, Trade Unions, and Employers’ Associations that operate within the sectors of empolyment, social policy, education and training.

Towards the end of September/beginning of October, MEUSAC will be offering a training package to interested members of NGOs, Trade Unions and Employers’ Associations that operate within the sectors of empolyment, social policy, education and training, to enhance their skills in the following areas:
a) stakeholder engagement and participation in decision-making processes;
b) more effective use of communication tools;
c) access to EU funding opportunities.

The training will be provided by experts in the respective fields and will consist of theoretical and practical sessions as follows:

Stage 1
A 6-hour training session that focuses on the following topics:
– Increase participation in social and civil dialogue;
– More effective use of communication tools;
– Accessing EU funding opportunities for stakeholders to put in practice EU priorities.

Stage 2
3 hours of individual mentoring on one of the topics covered by the training sessions.

Stage 3
A half day seminar during which stakeholders will participate in workshops that will be held to ensure discussion on:
– effective coordination with Government in the social dialogue process;
– best practices gained from previous activities and seek ways to engage in social and civil dialogue;
– networking between stakeholders with common interests;
– effective formulation of policy papers in relation to the Maltese Government’s position on proposed EU related matters.

Interested organisations must be committed to participate in all 3 stages of this training package.

A certificate of participation will be provided by MEUSAC to participants attending not less than 80% of the total number of hours.

If you are interested, please send us an email with your name and surname and the organisation you represent. We will contact you with further details in due course.



Enhancing Stakeholder Participation in Social Dialogue


The Project is implemented by MEUSAC and part-financed by the European Social Fund.

It shall lead towards an increase in stakeholder engagement and the quality of social dialogue in Malta.

During the accession negotiations and since joining the EU, MEUSAC has been an integral part of the national consultative processes involving stakeholders, primarily social partners and civil society.


The objectives of the project are to:

  • identify the most effective engagement methodologies in order to provide a service which meets the needs of stakeholders
  • invest in Government’s services by providing the necessary skills to the MEUSAC team on how stakeholder capacity may be enhanced
  • enhance the capacity of stakeholders through training and increased awareness on the processes, tools and opportunities for increased stakeholder participation


The project consists of three actions:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Analysis
  • Training of MEUSAC staff
  • Capacity Building for increased/improved stakeholder participation

The project shall result in a number of qualitative and quantitative results which shall ultimately lead towards the increase in the level of social dialogue in Malta and in the improvement of the services which Government provides to stakeholders both currently and in the future.

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