The aim of MEUSAC’s consultation process is to facilitate discussion between Government and civil society on draft EU legislation and policies, as well as on the transposition of EU directives.

Core Group

The Core Group brings together representatives of Government, the national parliament, constituted bodies, 3 civil society representatives and EU-related entities.

The Core Group holds monthly meetings which focus on matters having national implications.

To view the members of the Core Group click here.

Summaries on the outcome of each Core Group meeting are available here.

Policy Tracker

This tool is aimed at assisting stakeholders and interested parties in following-up on those EU policies which are of interest to them. It gives an overview of which stage particular policies are at and provides information on what discussions are currently focusing on. Stakeholders and interested parties are invited to provide any feedback they might have on specific policies through this tool.

Consultation Sessions

Consultation sessions serve as a forum for stakeholders who are not represented on the Sectoral Committees or the Core Group to participate in the formulation of Malta’s position (which is negotiated in the Council of the EU) on proposed EU legislation.