GPP criteria for road lighting,…

All bulbs should be numbered to make things easier

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EU leaders agree to delay…

UK will have to hold European Parliament elections if it is still a Member State between May 23 and 26,…

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Dane students visit MEUSAC

Students from Maribo Gymnasium, Denmark on a familiarisation visit to MEUSAC

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MEUSAC manages a consultation process with civil society on EU laws and policies.

The aim of MEUSAC’s consultation process is to facilitate discussion between Government and civil society on draft EU legislation and policies, as well as on the transposition of EU directives.

MEUSAC provides personalised assistance and support to Local Councils and NGOs in the practical aspects related to EU Funding Opportunities.

MEUSAC helps local councils and NGOs identify which EU funding programmes they can benefit from, as well as assisting them in filling in application forms for their EU funded projects.