EU Institutions and Bodies

European Commission

European Parliament

Council of the EU

European Economic and Social Committee

Committee of the Regions

European Ombudsman

European Investment Bank


Decentralised Agencies and other EU Bodies

A number of agencies have been established to support the EU Member States and their citizens. These agencies have an important role in implementing EU policies, especially tasks of a technical, scientific, operational and/or regulatory nature.


Executive Agencies

Executive agencies are organisations established in accordance with Council Regulation (EC 58/2003) with a view to being entrusted with certain tasks relating to the management of one or more Community programmes. These agencies are set up for a fixed period. Their location has to be at the seat of the European Commission (Brussels or Luxembourg).


Publications and Newsletters




EU Legislation

Legislation in force on Energy and Summaries

Legislation in force on Transport and Summaries

Legislation in force on Information Technology, Telecommunications and Data Processing and Summaries