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Erasmus+ Key Action 3: Structured Dialogue

Zero Hour

JEF Malta


This project is all about adapting the knowledge on the advantages of the EU and how to solve challenging issues which university and secondary school students face. Everyone has something to offer to discussions, and JEF believes that Europe currently needs healthy debate and expressing of different opinions.

The objectives of this project include:
• Informing and involving youth on the European Union
• Encouraging political participation in youths and promoting the credibility of youths’ opinions;
• Promoting the political consultation of youth in policies and laws that reflect the needs of young people.

Activities involved school visits, workshops and debates featuring topics such as: inclusion, multiculturalism and radicalisation, youth political participation, responsible and active citizenship through technology, mental health, the environment, and education and employment.

"An excellent opportunity for JEF Executive Members as well as the Subcommittee members to enhance their organisational, team-work, marketing, critical thinking, logistics and administration, leadership, problem-solving, decision-making and (written and spoken) communication skills".

Budget: €10,989

Co-financing rate: 100% EU