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Pilot project — Severe mental disorders and the risk of violence: pathways through care and effective treatment strategies

This pilot project will identify factors associated with risk of violence to self and others in patients with severe mental disorders. Measures should focus on: assessing tools for the ability to predict violence risks, evaluating effective in-patient and out-patient treatment and develop preventative and supportive measures to assist in planning of services, and comparing specialized secure services of in and out care with national variations.

The expected results should provide added European value information to improve the quality of mental health care for population in countries with different health and legal systems.

One call will be organized and the proposal selected shall cover the main priority areas.

January 31, 2017

Pilot project — Mentally - access to mental health care and improving mental health literacy

This call aims to target the issue of lack or inadequacy of treatment, or overtreatment. Thus the main priorities to be implemented are:

• The development and testing of a multi-applicable framework across European countries and stakeholders in order to achieve the adequate (as needed) access to mental health care (in terms of diagnose and treatment in women and men) in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders within the field of mental health. This should help reducing excessive treatment of individuals in mental distress that do not need specialized help and facilitate best treatment of those who need specialized care.

 • To increase primary care professionals’ competencies, evaluate organization and capacity of care systems, and improve patient outcomes by developing different tools.

The expected result will be a network to add value at European level to help patients. Recommendations will be made to optimize referral processes related to mental disorders and to develop guidelines for evidence-based treatments, with a view to improving patient outcomes and decreasing health inequalities.

One call will be organized and the proposal selected shall cover the main priority areas.

January 31, 2017