Pilot Projects & Preparatory Action


Pilot projects (PP) and Preparatory Actions (PA) introduce new initiatives that might turn into standing EU funding programmes.

A Pilot Project is an initiative of an experimental nature designed to test the feasibility of an action and its usefulness and lasts not more than two years.

A Preparatory Action- normally the successor of a successful pilot project on the same matter - is designed to prepare new actions like EU policies, legislation, programmes etc. with funding for not more than three years.

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Preparatory Action & Pilot Projects

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Preparatory Action on Open Knowledge Technologies: Mapping and Validating Knowledge

The overall objective of this preparatory action is to develop and demonstrate a Europe-wide learning and assessment technology. The proposed solution should integrate and improve the development of non-cognitive skills by testing and piloting them for effectiveness in various learning and training contexts.

The preparatory action will consist of the development and deployment of a technological platform integrating online services, which will incorporate the following modules and services:
• Competence mapping of non-cognitive skills;
• Tailored learning roadmaps for enhancing the learners' non-cognitive skills via educational services and/or solutions (including specific open educational resources);
• Mechanisms for measurement/assessment/credentialisation (e.g. by certificate and/or badge) and recognition of the new learning and skills.

These services should be accompanied by a thoughtful and comprehensive social innovation process to engage citizens at risk of exclusion in Europe, in particular unemployed youth. The different services will need to be tested, including by users, and demonstrated.

The action is expected to develop a European-wide learning technology system to support, enhance and facilitate the learning of non-cognitive skills of European citizens at risk of exclusion, in particular unemployed youth.

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September 5, 2017

Pilot Project - European platform on vulnerable people in the Information Society: mapping best practices and socio-economic impact for the empowerment

The main aim of this pilot project is to develop and disseminate widely an interactive catalogue of best practices and online map of Europe that summaries the existing best practices that take place at local, regional and national level to better integrate the vulnerable/ disadvantaged groups ( namely  people with disabilities, elderly people, marginalised young people and children, unemployed people and migrants) in society across all EU member states.

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September 25, 2017