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Networks of Towns

The idea of networking is for towns cooperate with their own twinning partners, as well as with the partners of their partners. This can help them to explore a particular topic or theme, to share resources or interests, to gain influence or to face common challenges. Support for networking will help them to take full advantage of this synergy. Maximum project duration is 24 months and the maximum duration of each event is 21 days. The maximum grant award is €150,000 and the minimum grant awarded is €10,000.

March 1, 2017

Town Twinning

Supports projects bringing together citizens from twinned towns. By mobilising citizens at local and EU levels to debate on concrete issues from the European political agenda, this measure will seek to promote civic participation in the EU policy making process and develop opportunities for societal engagement and volunteering at EU level.

March 1, 2017

European Remembrance

This strand supports activities that commemorate major historical turning points in recent European history. In this context, it aims to finance projects that raise awareness about civic participation under totalitarian regimes and the penalty of Ostracism and loss of citizenship under totalitarian regimes, in order to draw up lessons for today. The Strand also encompasses activities concerning defining moments in democratic transition and accession to the European Union.

March 1, 2017

Civil Society Projects

Supports projects gathering citizens in activities directly linked to EU policies, providing an opportunity for direct participation in the policy making process. Funded activities may include: promotion of societal engagement and solidarity, gathering of opinions, volunteering. Local councils cannot be the lead applicants but may be partners in the project.

March 1, 2017