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Migrants Entrepreneurship Support Schemes

The aim is to bring together relevant players at national and regional levels into trans-national networks, to work together based on the existing evidence of what is effective and to achieve better impact. As a result, more migrants will be led to starting new and sustainable businesses, with benefits such as an increased entrepreneurial activity, job creation and a better integration of members of migrant communities. The emphasis will be on exchanging experience and peer-learning between participating organisations, and on furthering information and research on what is effective to a wider circle of stakeholders and organisations.

Concrete outputs of the projects should be:
• the creation of trans-national Networks on migrant entrepreneurship support;

• a better evaluation and benchmarking of existing support schemes;
• the organisation of Peer-Learning activities for the benefit of organisations active in this field;

• the improvement and further development of support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs;

• the dissemination of information, guidance and advice to a wide audience of interested stakeholders;

• the organisation of European Workshops gathering key players from different countries.

December 20, 2016