European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

The Rural Development Programme (RDP) for Malta was formally adopted by the European Commission on November 25, 2015, outlining Malta's priorities for using the € 129 million of public money that is available for the 7-year period 2014-2020 (€ 97 million from the EU budget and € 32 million of national co-funding).

Malta's RDP is putting particular emphasis on actions related to restoring, preserving and enhancing ecosystems, resource efficiency and climate and improving the competitiveness of the farm and forestry sectors. Under resource efficiency and climate around € 10 million public and private investment is foreseen in renewable energy production and 57 Ha of irrigated land switching to more efficient irrigation system. The Maltese RDP aims to target 16% of Livestock Units through investments in livestock management in order to reduce greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions from agriculture. The RDP will also pursue carbon conservation and sequestration by supporting 5.3% of agricultural land. Finally, to improve the competitiveness of farmers, 116 farms will receive support to restructure or modernise their farms and 60 young farmers will be granted business start-up aid. Malta will also implement the European Innovation Partnership to help deliver innovative solutions to the farm sector.

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M6.1 - Business start up aid for young farmers

In a situation of difficult economic and financial circumstances for prospective young farmers to set up in the agricultural sector and a rather restricted access to capital for many European rural enterprises, support for the creation and development of new viable Agricultural activities is essential. A very important role in this process plays the opportunity for entry of women and young people into the labour market and business management as they are groups at risk of migrating out to urban areas if they do not find appropriate employment in rural areas. At the same time, certain agricultural sectors in the EU continue to face restructuring difficulties and there is a need for consolidating efforts and assets also by transferring holdings and reduction of the number of less or non-efficient agricultural operators. Aging of agricultural farm holders is another issue that needs a policy response ensuring the future of the farmers’ profession. Young farmers can bring new skills and energy, new and modern professional management to the farming sector, and can be a smooth provider of innovative management tools and investments in agriculture.

Young farmer or a group of young farmers, who are no more than 40 years of age

August 31, 2017 (Open Rolling Call)

M4.4 - Support for non-productive investments  linked to the achievement of agri-environment-climate

Non-productive investments (NPIs) are investments which do not generate a significant return, income, or revenue, or increase significantly the value of the beneficiary’s holding, but have a positive environmental impact. NPIs play a complementary role in helping to achieve agrienvironmental objectives or commitments, which can be undertaken under other environmental schemes, or in enhancing the environmental value of protected areas. In accordance to the RDP, support under Non-Productive Investments Measure is intended to cater for investment that contributes to the achievement of agri-environment-climate objectives, with particular focus on the restoration of habitats and landscapes, soil conservation and water management.

Individuals or groups of Farmers; SMEs; Land Managers; Public Entities

October 5, 2017 (Open Rolling Call)

M4.1 - Support for Investment in Agricultural Holdings

The aim of this Measure is to support investment in cost-effective and environmentally efficient systems and equipment in relation to soil management, water capture and use, renewable energy, waste management, and improved efficiency of fertiliser and pesticide use and control. Support for investments in holdings is also intended to target improved productivity on holdings or within specific sectors, as long as the adoption of these techniques and farming systems do not cause environmental damage.

Support under this Measure shall therefore contribute to the achievement of a number of important cross-cutting objectives, focus areas, and needs as established in the Malta Rural Development Programme (RDP), as explained in the following sections.

Individuals or groups of Farmers; SMEs; Land Managers; Public Entities

October 30, 2017 (Open Rolling Call)