COSME is the programme for the Competitiveness of enterprises and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and aims to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises, including those operating in the tourism sector, encourage an entrepreneurial culture, and promote the creation and growth of SMEs.


With a budget of €2.5 billion, its objectives are to facilitate access to finance, create an environment favourable to businesses, increase the sustainable competitiveness of EU companies and ensure continuity with initiatives and actions already undertaken under the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP). COSME is expected to contribute to an annual increase of €1.1bn in the EU's GDP.


The beneficiaries under this programme can either be existing entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs and national, regional authorities.


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Cluster go international

This action builds upon the 2014 "Clusters Go International" call that contributed to launch the first round of projects in January 2016 encouraging cluster organisations across Europe to establish 'European Strategic Cluster Partnerships-Going International' (ESCP-4i) and work concretely together to exploit synergies as well as to develop a joint internationalisation strategy for the benefit of their SMEs.

This action further exploits synergies with other key initiatives of the Cluster Internationalisation Programme for SMEs that have been launched to promote transnational cluster cooperation within and beyond Europe with a view to better support SMEs in global competition.

There are three strands under this call:
1. support the establishment of European Strategic Cluster Partnership – Going International (ESCP-4i)
2. supporting preparatory actions in the field of Earth Observation applications
3. support the initial implementation, testing and further development of European Strategic Cluster Partnerships - Going International (ESCP-4i)


May 23, 2017

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a mobility scheme that allows potential or newly established entrepreneurs to spend a period of time collaborating with an experienced entrepreneur in another participating country. These mobility actions aim to help entrepreneurs enrich their experiences as well as learn and network with entrepreneurs in other participating countries. This measure will expand and strengthen the existing network of Intermediary Organisations (IO) which acts as local contact points in participating countries. The IOs are in charge of recruiting and matching the entrepreneurs and facilitating the mobility actions. They also promote the programme and its benefits at local and national level.

The purpose of the call is to select bodies which will act as IOs to implement the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme at local level. They will, in particular, recruit and assist the entrepreneurs who will benefit the programme. This call will therefore support actions for organisations enhancing and facilitating the mobility of new entrepreneurs, and is not intended for entrepreneurs willing to participate in the programme.

 The project duration will be two years (1/02/2018 - 31/01/2020).

Public or private entities, in partnerships

June 7, 2017