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5th EU-African leaders summit

30 November 2017


Actions agreed on during Valletta Summit bearing fruit


The 5th EU and African leaders summit started yesterday and ends today at 11 am with a press conference. It is being held in the Ivory Coast. Migration was yesterday’s main topic for discussion. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that it was during the Valletta Summit that a plan was kick-started to prevent illegal migration.


The summit serves as an opportunity to strengthen relations and to work on common areas and challenges between the two continents, with a focus on investing in youth.


Other priorities of the EU-Africa partnership are being discussed during the summit. These include: peace and security; governance including democracy; human rights; investment and trade; skills development and job creation.


Key facts

The EU and its member states are the number one contributor to promote development, stability and peace in Africa:

 - €21 billion in development aid was provided to Africa in 2016 by the EU and its Member States, the largest aid donors on the continent;

 - €32 billion have been invested in Africa by EU companies in 2015, accounting for around one-third of the overall foreign direct investment in Africa

 - €3.35 billion is allocated to the European fund for sustainable development, which should trigger up to €44 billion of investments;

 - 7 civilian and military missions are deployed across Africa;

 - €1.4 billion is committed to educational programmes in Africa from 2014 to 2020.


Meanwhile, President of the European Council Donald Tusk spoke about the Emergency Trust Fund for Africa in 2015, which we will top up in time for 2018. The trust had been set up following the Valletta Summit.