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Do you feel ‘European’? Malta and Denmark at par

11 October 2017


Dane students on familiarisation visit to MEUSAC


The majority of EU citizens in Malta and Denmark strongly feel they are part of the EU, with 82% of respondents in Malta and 81% of respondents in Denmark saying so.


These positive results have been consistent, as has emerged in several Eurobarometer surveys, including one issued earlier this year. The EU average in this survey in relation to this question is 68%.


The findings of the survey were presented to a group of Dane students from Hjorring Gymnasium who paid a visit to MEUSAC's office in Valletta. The students are in Malta on a study visit.


MEUSAC executives Neil Portelli, Maüro Abëla and Lynn Spiteri gave an in-depth explanation of MEUSAC’s role, Malta’s EU accession and other information on EU affairs.


It’s become standard practice that groups of international students visit MEUSAC to familiarise themselves with EU key issues.