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Group of Erasmus+ students from Cesena visit MEUSAC

11 September 2017


More students to visit MEUSAC over the coming weeks

A group of 22 Erasmus+ students from Cesena (Italy) today visited MEUSAC's offices in Valletta. They were given a presentation about the EU's Council configurations, Malta's EU accession and more by MEUSAC's staff. The students also participated in a quiz which tested their knowledge about the EU.

Some findings of a Eurobarometer survey on the public's perception of the EU were also discussed with the students, including the percentage of those respondents who said they have trust in the EU or feel they are part of the EU. For instance, in Italy, 36% of respondents said they have trust in the EU, whereas in Malta 56% share the same sentiment. The EU average is 42%.

During the second part of their visit, an explanation was given on how MEUSAC assists potential EU fund beneficiaries in their application process and on the various funding strands that exist, including the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project funds.

Over the coming weeks, more international students are expected to visit our offices to get a glance of the EU's work.