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MEUSAC article published on Voice of the Workers Weekly

31 August 2017


Achieving Europe’s economic and social objectives through education


Investing in young people has always been one of the top priorities for the EU. As lately as December 2016, the European Commission has presented initiatives on 'Investing in Europe's Youth', a communication emphasising the importance of opening up new opportunities for young people with the key message being that quality of education is decisive for young peoples’ prospects and life chances.


In May 2017, the Commission presented its new strategy to support high quality, inclusive and future-oriented school and higher education. This strategy is part of a package of initiatives addressing schools, higher education and graduate tracking. It builds on the ‘New Skills Agenda for Europe’ and is supportive of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number four.


High-quality education for all is intended to help Europe achieve its economic and social objectives. Good education underpins inclusive and resilient societies. It is the starting point for a successful professional career and the best protection against unemployment and poverty. It fosters personal development and lays the basis for active citizenship. Good education fuels R&D;, innovation, and competitiveness.


This Communication was the subject of discussion during a consultation session organised by MEUSAC and the Ministry for Education and Employment on August 3. The structure of our education system, continuous teacher training, the importance of educating students on LGBTIQ issues and the prevention of violent extremism through social inclusion were just some of the issues discussed during this session.


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