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Strong progress achieved by the Maltese Presidency

17 May 2017


GAC sets agenda for June European Council


The General Affairs Council, which met in Brussels yesterday, set the agenda for the European Council, scheduled to meet in June. The leaders’ meeting will be focusing on the four key priorities that can guarantee a stronger European Union by transcending decades and securing future prosperity and peace on the European continent, as has been experienced during the last sixty years.


Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech has briefed the Council on the state of play of and the progress registered in the key priorities of the Maltese Presidency. All Member States commended the strong progress achieved by the Maltese Presidency. Malta, at the helm of the Presidency, has been instrumental in keeping momentum at the Council on the most vital issues by prioritising and expediting legislation that is considered to be of great significance to European citizens’ welfare. 


Presided by Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech, the General Affairs Council will discuss: migration and its root causes including the external dimension of this phenomenon; the EU-Turkey statement; the Central Mediterranean route and the reform of the Common Asylum System; the bolstering of security across the European Union; external relation; and the creation of jobs, competitiveness enhancement, and economic growth.


Addressing a press conference together with First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech said that “the agenda of the June European Council is a mirror picture of the EU’s current priorities: holding migration under control and fighting its root causes, making the life of European citizens more secure and boosting growth and creating new jobs. Today’s discussion was a first step towards the June European Council, but an indispensable one for making the meeting a success.”


At the General Affairs Council, the Commission briefed Ministers on the follow-up that is needed on the white paper on the future of the EU. This is an important process and its successful completion will result in a stronger European Union thereby securing European peace and prosperity for future generations. Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech added that “guaranteeing the future of the European Union depends on our ability to move closer to our citizens by re-aligning the EU’s priorities to reflect better our citizens’ aspirations.”


The European Commission briefed Ministers on its dialogue with Poland in view of the constitutional reforms that were enacted recently.