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Group of seven NGOs from Marche, Italy in Malta as part of Erasmus+ project

15 February 2017

Briefed on MEUSAC’s role


A group of seven NGOs from the region of Marche, Italy are currently in Malta as part of an Erasmus+ project taking place in collaboration with the Council of the Voluntary Sector and Kopin (Malta). Kopin stands for Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali and works in tandem with civil society organisations and NGOs in Malta, Europe, and Africa, on various projects aimed at raising awareness about the role of each individual as a global citizen, as well as the intrinsic values of the role, and to contribute towards the empowerment of developing communities.


Through its projects and initiatives, Kopin seeks to reach various members of society.


The group from Italy represents various Voluntary Sector organisations, including NGOs who work with asylum seekers and migrants.


During a visit to MEUSAC this morning, MEUSAC representatives from both the EU Policy & Legislation and EU Funding teams gave an in-depth explanation of MEUSAC’s role and how MEUSAC assists NGOs and local councils access EU funding opportunities.


Since 2008 to date, MEUSAC helped NGOs and local council benefit from over €34 million in EU funds for various projects. MEUSAC has also played a vital role in communicating new proposed policy and legislations to stakeholders, including EU-related information to the public.