The Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee was re-activated in 2008. Eight key tasks were identified by the Government for the organisation:

  • To engage civil society in the EU decision-making process
  • To manage such a consultation process
  • To discuss the impact proposed EU measures could have on Malta, its institutions, its specific sectors and ordinary citizens
  • To establish and maintain dialogue between those participating in the EU decision-making processes
  • To be proactive with regards to EU legislation and policy initiatives
  • To actively support NGOs and local councils in their participation in EU programmes and funding
  • To provide plain and simple information to the public on Malta's positions within the EU and its institutions as well as the rights Maltese citizens have as EU citizens and
  • To lead and stimulate a national debate on European ideals, values, objectives and long term strategies.

The three main components of MEUSAC are:

  • Consultation (on EU Policy and Legislation)
  • Information (on EU policies, laws and funding programmes)
  • Funding Support (on EU Programmes)

Prior to Malta's accession to the EU, MEUSAC had served to oversee the overall accession. MEUSAC falls under the responsibility of the Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties.