Management Partnership

Activities held in 2012

2012 is the fourth year in the implementation of the 4 year agreement.

Evaluation of the Management Partnership (€22,184)

An evaluation of the Management Partnership which was directed by the European Commission was commissioned to Pricewaterhouse Coopers following a public Call for Tenders. This evaluation sought to provide answers, based on sound, evidence based analysis by producing conclusions as to the present situation, on the basis of the objectives set for the Partnership; and providing precise, practical recommendations for future development, especially as regards management and objective setting.

Consultation on Citizenship (€14,916)

In view of the Commission's online consultation on Citizenship which was open until September 9, activities were organised to promote participation by individuals and organisations in the online consultation together with a media campaign to support the initiative. The media campaign held between August/September consisted of a radio campaign on Radju Malta, ONE Radio, Radio 101 and Calypso Radio; a print campaign on The Sunday Times, The Malta Independent on Sunday, MaltaToday, Mument, Torca and KullHadd; and an online campaign on,,,, Facebook adverts and Google adwords.

EU themed sites (€34,800)

This operation consists of activities in one or more of the most renowned frequented sites in Malta which would aim at communicating information related to the EU in an innovative and interactive manner. The themes being communicated include: citizens' rights (also in view of the European Year 2013), the single market (20th anniversary), research and innovation, intergenerational solidarity (EY2012, CAP (50th anniversary), resource efficiency etc. Having families as the main target audience, the EU themed site is shedding light on the EU, its institutions, policies and objectives within an informal setting. The events in relation to this operation were held as follows:

28-29 September Science in the City & Notte Bianca
4-5 October Freshers’ Week & Campusfest
19-20 October Birgufest
18 November Festa Tfal
8-9 December Christmas Festival
14-15 December Cirkewwa Terminal Inauguration

Promoting the European Year 2012 - Active Ageing and inter-generational solidarity (€42,802)

A communication campaign was developed concentrating on the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. The communication campaign utilised different media channels to emphasise the concept that a person's life is not over when he/she reaches pensionable age. This campaign did not just target those who are already pensioners, but also those who are relatively close to pensionable age (50 age bracket). The campaign is serving as a tool to prepare for the moment when a person reaches pensionable age and will help him/her remain active. Radio spots have been aired in September on Malta’s most prominent radio stations, namely ONE Radio, Radio 101 and Calypso Radio. TV adverts in relation to the European Year featured during EURO 2012 and Olympics 2012; both events were transmitted on TVM2 in June and August respectively. Online adverts campaign was held on in November, while the print campaign was held on the Sunday Newspapers (Il-Mument, It-Torca, Malta Today, The Malta Independent on Sunday) and the Sunday magazines (Sunday Circle, First, Alive & Healthy). Then, a stakeholders’ conference was organised on November 15.

EU Values & Principles - Development of Episode 3 of Tommy & Rosy (€42,716)

Following the successful development and launch of the EU educational cartoon episode 1 in 2009/2010 and episode 2 in 2011/2012, a third episode was developed and will mainly concentrated on the aims behind the EU and its policies. Nonetheless, JP Advertising Ltd also developed a storybook and revamped the Tommy & Rosy website.

Marketing of the EU Educational Cartoon – Tommy & Rosy (Episode 3) (€71,109)

Tommy & Rosy was marketed and promoted in conjunction with other activities and through educational institutions and the media. Primary school children received a copy of the storybook and the DVD of episode 3. The screening of the trailer of Episode 3 featured during Notte Bianca. The MEUSAC foyer was transformed into a vintage interactive cinema for children. Promotional material and giveaways related to the main characters were also distributed among those attending this event. One of the main highlights this year was the Tommy & Rosy photo booth. After watching the third Episode’s trailer, children had the opportunity to take photos with their favourite characters. The cartoon premiere was held on November 28 at the Eden Cinemas St Julian’s and on November 29 at the Citadel Cinema in Victoria Gozo. Various merchandising items were chosen to be given as giveaways to children, namely biros, pencils, pencil cases, rulers, highlighters, stickers, sports bags, sports caps, diaries, magnet calendars, keychains, and so on.

Bringing Europe 2020 closer to NGOs and Local Councils (€20,495)

An information campaign, building on one of the operations of the 2012 JCP, targeting NGOs and Local Councils. The action envisages communicating information and raising awareness on a number of themes in line with the Europe 2020 strategy. The events in relation to this operation were held on November, 23 and 24.