Management Partnership

Activities held in 2011

Europe 2020 Strategy (€45,000)

This project consisted of five seminars and a National Conference based on the main targets set by the Strategy, thus raising more awareness on the Strategy itself. These five seminars tackled the following themes:

1. The Agenda for New Skills and jobs, and Youth in the EU

2. An Energy Strategy for a Resource Efficient Europe

3. Enhancing competitiveness through Research and Innovation

4. A digital agenda for Europe and

5. The European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion.

There were four workshops during each seminar focusing on different aspects of the theme discussed. The conclusions emerging from each workshop were published in a leaflet which was distributed amongst the general public. This ensured that the seminar outcomes were not lost. These seminars were organised on a monthly basis between June and November 2011 and were brought to a conclusion with a National Conference which was held on November 30, 2011. The proceedings of the National Conference will also be reported in a publication.

Development of Tommy and Rosy – Episode 2 (€42,716)

Tommy & Rosy Episode 2 - Give a Helping Hand was developed within the context of the European Year for Volunteering (EYV) 2011, whilst building on the successful development and launch of the EU educational cartoon in 2009. Thus, raising more awareness so that the target audience would make time in their life to help the others and encourage their friends to join them. Furthermore, the interactive website of Tommy & Rosy was redesigned and a storybook was designed focusing based on the cartoon’s graphical content of episode 2. The comic strip format utilised by JPA makes it increasingly accessible to both the primary target group (being 5 - 11-year-olds) and adults. Finally, 15 artworks for promotional merchandise featuring Tommy and Rosy (the animation’s main characters) were designed since they are deemed to be equally important as they further enhance the marketability of the cartoon’s characters and were used throughout the project, thus having the flexibility to use the characters in various settings throughout all merchandise.

Printing of the Tommy and Rosy (Episode 2) Storybook and Duplication of DVDs (€9,600)

The publication in the form of a storybook which included 48 pages including back and front cover was printed and distributed to the primary target group being 5 - 11-year-olds. Whilst the duplication of the DVDs of Tommy and Rosy episode 2 was realised and again will be distributed to the primary target group being 5 – 11 year olds.

Marketing Campaign of Tommy and Rosy – Episode 2 (€14,536.71)

This consists of a coordinated marketing strategy to promote further episode 2 of Tommy and Rosy and supply various promotional material, as well as broadcasting the first two episodes of Tommy and Rosy.

L-Ewropa max-Xatt (€26,673.58)

L-Ewropa max-Xatt was an information road-show aimed at disseminating information about EU affairs through interaction with members of the public. The event was intended to raise awareness on the role of the European Union, to inform the public on major European policies and legislation, about citizen rights in the EU, and about the various funding opportunities. The event was spread over eight evenings in four different localities. The general public had the opportunity to ask for information about consumer rights, air passenger rights, environmental issues and policies, and about the voluntary sector. L-Ewropa max-Xatt was held at Marsalforn (7-8 September), Marsaskala (9-10 September), Bugibba (11-12 September) and Sliema (16-17 September). Throughout the event, MEUSAC officials assisted the public with their queries. Representatives of various NGO’s were also in attendance in order to provide more details about their work.

Showcasing EU funded projects in Malta (€49,843.60)

A national design competition for the design of creative installations showcasing EU funded projects was launched. This was an open design competition for participants representing organisations or institutions engaged in design, art, architecture, landscape architecture, planning and/or engineering in Malta and Gozo. The primary aim of this competition was to showcase national projects carried out or currently being undertaken with EU financing or co-financing and to highlight how EU funded projects are contributing to the development of the Maltese Islands.

A tender was issued for the installation of the construction of 4 giant star-shaped structures as a result of the national design competition which was selected by independent judges. Four installations were set up by MEUSAC in various localities in Malta and Gozo. The installations were aimed to re-invent the modern day billboard and display information relating to projects that have been awarded EU funding, some of which have also obtained funds through MEUSAC’s assistance.  The project was launched on 19th December 2011 at the Valletta Waterfront.

These ‘star’ installations are being placed in St George’s Square and St John’s Square in Valletta, Tower Road (close to Balluta church) and Tignè Point in Sliema, Baystreet (St Julian’s), M’Skala promenade, M’Xlokk promenade and the University campus. In Gozo, the installations are being set up in St George’s Square and Independence Square (It-Tokk) in Victoria as well as in Marsalforn.  The stars are more than 5 metres long and 1 metre wide and a little less than 3 metres high and will, therefore, be highly visible to attract the attention of passers-by.  The half-sunken star is also animated with a pulsing light at night to give the impression that the installation is glowing.  The structures are also serving as interactive street furniture having incorporated benches as well as integrated WiFi hotspots.

The development of the European Citizens’ Toolkit (€33,835.32)

The development and implementation of a Web Portal with Content Management System inclusive of Online Components and Applications for a European Citizens’ Toolkit. Thus, allowing citizens to access the information published through the portal and the website can be accessed by smart phones and other internet-enabled devices; the integration of a native search engine using existing search engines technologies; the development of online games and a quiz-based application.

General Public Media Campaign (€15,441.18)

A media campaign consisting of five adverts in relation to the Europe 2020 Strategy in the Maltese language that are to be used for a TV, radio and web campaign. Furthermore, this media campaign includes the publication of a number of adverts on various local newspapers both in the Maltese and English languages.