Management Partnership

Activities held in 2010

The screening of Tommy and Rosy – Episode 1 (€6,905.36)

Two screenings of the first episode of The Magical Adventures of Tommy & Rosy were held, one in Malta and another in Gozo. These brought together nearly one thousand primary and secondary pupils from State, Church and Private schools in Malta and Gozo.

A coordinated marketing strategy for Tommy & Rosy – Episode 1 (€35,400)

A detailed marketing plan in relation to the promotion of the Tommy and Rosy cartoon and characters consisted of exposure and promotion of the characters to the general public during children’s programmes in the local media (such as TV, Radio, Internet); adverts and articles in children’s sections in newspapers and magazines and the printing of promotional material. A series of presentations of the two characters took place simultaneously with presentations of the storybook and DVD in venues which host students aged 5 to 11 years during the scholastic year 2010-2011 around Malta and Gozo.

A translation into French of the EU themed cartoon (€1,003)

In order to market the cartoon in other Member States of the European Union, the translation of the cartoon into French was carried out.

Subtitling in English and Maltese and real-time captioning of the EU themed cartoon (€853.65)

In keeping with the theme chosen by the EU for 2010 to combat poverty and social exclusion, the adaptation of the animated cartoon Tommy & Rosy was carried out for children who suffer from a hearing impediment. The adaptation process required the creation of the choice of viewing subtitles in the Maltese or English language including real-time captioning describing the events unfolding within the animation.

Strengthening Social Inclusion through Art (€58,300)

In January 2011, a project intending to encourage the integration of persons on the margins of society through artistic expression was implemented in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy where social inclusion has been identified as a key objective. Emphasis was placed on art and music as a platform for integration through the hosting of a number of art and music workshops in various localities which were also open to the general public. Participants were provided with all the necessary equipment and materials to make the most of their talents and skills. Therefore, the project which was implemented enabled individuals with a creative outlet to both integrate and explore possibilities of personal fulfilment and growth.

No Exclusions: The biggest Collaborative Mosaic for Inclusion (€32,706.06)

In June 2011, a project entitled ‘No Exclusions' – The Biggest Collaborative Mosaic for Inclusion was aimed at raising public concern and awareness about accessibility and social inclusion. It was part of the 2010 European Year for the Combating of Poverty and Social Exclusion (EYCPSE) and was connected to a series of actions aimed at raising awareness on social issues through artistic media throughout the year. Within the context of the EYCPSE, a photo competition and exhibition was organised and aimed at promoting a society which supports and improves quality of life, social well-being and equal opportunities for all.

The project participants’ were encouraged to reflect about this situation and to express their idea of social inclusion through the photographs they took and those submitted for exhibition. These photos contributed towards creating the largest collaborative mosaic for inclusion. It was a participative action and the final event took place in Republic Street, Valletta, on the 10th and 11th June 2011. The mosaic featured photographs and also drawings collected from as many diverse sources as possible, including NGOs, organisations and individuals. All photos submitted electronically were uploaded on Facebook and were also printed and added to the mosaic. All pictures submitted took part in a competition. The most ‘liked’ photo on Facebook won €200. Another prize of €200 was awarded to the best picture selected by a jury. Pictures can be viewed on a dedicated Facebook page entitled ‘No Exclusions’.