Management Partnership

Activities held in 2009

L-Ewropa fil-Pjazza (€43,372)

During the summer 2009 a vehicle was touring 68 localities in Malta and Gozo providing the public with information about the European Union, as part of the information campaign “L-Ewropa fil-Pjazza” which was officially launched on Friday 7th August 2009. The aim of this project was to provide information about the EU.

Advertising Campaign: European Parliament Elections (€19,209.57)

The primary aim of this Operation was to encourage and stimulate Maltese citizens to participate in the European Parliament elections on the 6th June 2009 through an objective and general television campaign realised between the 1st of May and the 4th of June of 2009. Unlike many other European countries, the voting turnout within Malta and Gozo was higher than that in other Member States.

Intergenerational environmental awareness (€24,850.80)

The inter-generational two-day outdoor camp was an awareness event on environmental issues and climate change. The camp involved both parents and children with the objective of communicating and discussing the European policies on climate change and the environment. Moreover, key EU policies such as the Common Agricultural Policy were tackled, with particular reference to the EU’s efforts to safeguard and protect the environment. This camp took place over a weekend, with the objective being to provide a mix of interactive information sessions, debates as well as other interactive activities. Issues such as energy efficiency and waste management dealt with both from a theoretical and a practical point of view, so as to encourage participants to become more aware of the environmental cost of their actions.

The Magical Adventures of Tommy & Rosy – Episode 1 (€47,093.04)

The development of an animated cartoon DVD, comic book and a website informing children about the history of the European Union and what the Union means for its citizens in their daily lives.

Printing and Distribution of a cartoon and educational campaign (€35,656.11)

The Tommy & Rosy storybook and DVD were distributed to all children aged 9 to 14 in all schools in Malta and Gozo at the beginning of the 2010/2011 scholastic year. Therefore, the European Union’s history through this interactive cartoon was brought to the attention of 30,000 children.

The development and delivery of a Training Programme on the EU – Train the Trainer (€23,451)

Train the Trainer aimed at providing educators in both Malta and Gozo with increased knowledge on the European Union, its progression, the functioning of its numerous bodies and policies. In turn, this presented another access point to EU-related information thus contributing to the EU’s key priority of narrowing the gap between the Union and its citizens.