Kurt Formosa

Kurt Formosa is Head of EU Policy and Legislation.

Mr Formosa graduated in European Studies in 2007 and obtained his Masters degree in Diplomatic Studies in 2008. He joined MEUSAC in 2009, having previously worked in the Control Unit of the Paying Agency within the then Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs where he was engaged to work on controls related to area based measures as part of the Rural Development Plan (2004-2006).

As an Executive EU Policy and Legislation, Mr Formosa was responsible for Agriculture and Fisheries as well as Financial and Economic Affairs. His other responsibilities included coordinating the implementation of the joint communication strategy that MEUSAC manages and implements for the European Commission under the Management Partnership. In July 2012 Mr Formosa was appointed Head, EU Policy and Legislation.

He is also involved in a number of organisations and is a keen sportsman.