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Justice Programme

Judicial cooperation, training and initiatives

The Justice programme succeeds three 2007-2013 programmes financed within the Fundamental Rights and Justice Framework Programme, ie Civil Justice (JCIV), Criminal Justice (JPEN) and Drug Prevention and Information Programme (DPIP).

The objective of the Programme is to contribute to the creation of a European area of justice by promoting judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters. The programme promotes effective, comprehensive and consistent application of Union legislation in the areas of judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters, and fosters access to justice and prevents and reduces drug demand and supply. This can be achieved by supporting training and awareness-raising, strengthening networks and facilitating transnational cooperation.

The programme supports analytical activities; development of common methodologies and, where appropriate, indicators or benchmarks; studies, researches, analyses and surveys; evaluations and impact assessments; training activities for members of the judiciary and judicial staff; mutual learning, cooperation, awareness raising and dissemination activities; support for main actors, key European level networks, networking among specialised bodies and organisations, national, regional and local authorities at European level; funding of experts’ networks; funding of European level observatories.

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Deadline June 19, 2018

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Deadline June 7, 2018

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