Union Civil Protection Mechanism

The EU Civil Protection Mechanism aims to reinforce cooperation between the Member States and the European Union in the field of civil protection and will provide funding for actions to ensure better protection, prevention, preparation and response against natural and man-made disasters.

For the next seven years there will be a new focus on prevention will be very important together with the importance of developing the EU prevention policy framework and effectively link it to the preparedness and response actions.

The main objectives are to achieve a high level of protection against disasters by preventing or reducing their effects and by fostering a culture of prevention and facilitate rapid and efficient emergency response interventions in the event of major disasters or their effects. Supported activities shall include prevention and preparedness activities and response actions.

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Union Civil Protection Mechanism

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Prevention and Preparedness in Civil Protection and Marine Pollution

EU Member States are facing a wide range of disaster risks every year, including floods, forest fires, earthquakes and various technological, radiological and environmental accidents. A first EU-wide overview of the risks faced by Member States was published by the Commission in April 2014.

Disaster prevention and preparedness are therefore important elements of the European Civil Protection cooperation. This Call for proposals will help to fund activities aimed at closer cooperation in prevention, preparedness and awareness-raising in civil protection and marine pollution.

Under the present Call for Proposals funding may be awarded to projects in 2 separate policy areas: Prevention and Preparedness, each with its respective specific objectives, priorities and available budget.

Public/Private entities and international organisations

April 25, 2018

Union Civil Protection Mechanism Exercises

The Civil Protection Work Programme 2018, in its Action 2.6, provides the framework for the implementation of the priorities set up in the legislation for the exercise programme:

The objective: To improve civil protection preparedness and response to all kinds of disasters, including marine pollution, forest fires and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN) disasters, as well as combined disasters, climate-change induced disasters, and disasters simultaneously affecting a number of countries (inside or outside the Participating States of the Mechanism) by providing a testing environment of established and/or new operational concepts and procedures of the Mechanism and a learning opportunity for all actors involved in civil protection assistance interventions under the Mechanism.

 Private entities, public entities, or international organisations.

May 15, 2018