ENI CBC Med Programme

The overall objective of the ENI CBC Med Programme is to enhance prosperity and good neighbourliness between EU Member States and their neighbours. The four thematic objectives under this funding programme are:
• Business and SMEs development;
• Support to education, research, technological development and innovation;
• Promotion of social inclusion and fight against poverty; and
• Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The Business and SMEs development objective focus on the support to innovative start-ups and fast growing enterprises, the strengthening to Euro-Mediterranean networks and clusters, the encouragements to sustainable tourism initiatives and actions and the diversification into new segments and niches in the tourism sector.

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ENI CBC Med Programme

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First call for Standard Projects

The Mediterranean area faces many common challenges – including economic growth, youth unemployment, social inclusion, women’s empowerment, impact of climate change – that can be better tackled with joint solutions.

In the framework of the initiatives implemented under the European Neighbourhood Instrument, the ENI CBC Med Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme supports cross-border cooperation as a contribution to fair, equitable and sustainable economic, social and territorial development.


Based on this objective, the Programme has launched its first call for proposals dedicated to standard projects. The call is open to partnerships which include organisations from both sides of the Mediterranean.


Key challenges to be addressed by projects concern competitiveness, innovation and technological transfer, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.


EU Grants for potential applicants may be up to 90% of the total eligible cost and between €1M and €3M.

Legal public or private entities

January 24, 2018