Consumer Programme

The Consumer programme aims to contribute to protecting the health, safety and economic interests on a European level. The programme puts a special focus on consumer protection and consumer awareness in the new Member States. It aims to ensure effectiveness, enhance cooperation, raise awareness and ensure the effective application of the Consumer Policy.

The four priorities of the programme are: safety; well representation by professional consumer organisations; rights as consumers and access to redress mechanisms; and collaboration between national bodies. Actions to be financed under this fund have to be targeted on areas where intervention at EU level can make a difference and add value on an overall level. The selected areas for actions are of three kinds;
•  Actions corresponding to legal obligations imposed by the Treaty and the existing EU acquis in the field of consumer protection on the EU and Member States;
•  Actions which are not or could not be undertaken at national level because of their EU-level dimension;
•  Actions complementing and enhancing the efficiency of measures undertaken at national level.

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