Instrument Contributing to Stability and Peace

The Instrument contributing to Peace and Stability is a key instrument of the EU to help prevent and respond to crises and create a safe and stable environment. It has been re-named from its earlier title 'Instrument for Stability' and streamlined to better contribute to a comprehensive EU approach to conflict prevention and peace-building, crisis response and security threats. Its specific objectives are to:


1. Provide a swift crisis-response in political conflicts and when natural disasters occur, complementing humanitarian relief and interventions of the Common Foreign and Security Policy and the European Security and defence Policy.


2. Enhance the EU capacity for crisis-preparedness, conflict prevention and peace building in cooperation with international, regional and civil society organizations and Member States.


3. Build capacity to address global and trans-regional security threats, including – for the first time – dealing with security issues related to climate change. Special actions will be supported to counter terrorism. Activities will continue in the fights against piracy, organised crime and to promote aviation and security. The EU shall respond via a regional approach. Efforts to fight terrorism could be done on a national basis.


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