European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) aims to promote sustainable and competitive fisheries and aquaculture; foster the development and implementation of the European Union's Integrated Maritime Policy; promote a balanced and inclusive territorial development of fisheries areas; and contributes to the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy.


The Fund will help fishermen in the transition to sustainable fishing; support coastal communities in diversifying their economies; finance projects that create new jobs; improve quality of life along European coasts; make it easier to access financing.


The EMFF will be used to co-finance projects, along with national funding. Each country will be allocated a share of the total Fund budget, based on the size of its fishing industry, and each country will then draw up an operational programme, declaring how it intends to spend the money.


The Managing Authority responsible for EMFF in Malta is the Funds and Programmes Division (FPD).


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