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Croatian Regional Development Agency representatives visit MEUSAC

2 May 2017

Representatives of the Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja, Croatia visited MEUSAC’s office in Valletta where they met with Head of MEUSAC Dr Vanni Xuereb and Head of EU Funding within MEUSAC Ms Mandy Falzon.

The role of the Croatian agency includes providing technical and consulting assistance for international and inter-regional cooperation while also exchanging information aimed at regional development.

In his introductory remarks, Dr Xuereb gave an overview of MEUSAC’s triple role, that of empowering civil society in the EU decision-making process, serving as the government’s main consultative forum on EU affairs, assisting local councils and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in benefiting from the EU’s funding programmes, and providing information on the EU’s general affairs, instilling debate on European values while also stirring a debate on the future of the EU.

He said that MEUSAC serves as a bridge between the EU processes as they are happening in the EU itself and the EU processes as they are happing locally as well.

On the funding aspect, Dr Xuereb highlighted that thanks to MEUSAC, local councils, NGOs and government entities benefited from over €34 million in EU funds for their projects since MEUSAC’s reactivation in 2008.

Ms Falzon said that MEUSAC’s services are unique in the sense that she never came across the kind of service MEUSAC offers in any for a she attended, both locally and abroad.

She gave an overview on how MEUSAC assists in the EU funding process.