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Study Visit: Malta in a Globalised World

15 March 2017

On March 15, 2017 MEUSAC hosted the second group of Danish students in a week. They were in Malta on a study visit having as main theme “Malta in a Globalised World”.

Students were given a brief overview of the history of the European Union and Malta’s historical scenario vis-a-vis the Union while also being tasked to answer a number of questions in relation to the EU. MEUSAC’s role was also explained to the students:
  • Engaging civil society in the EU decision-making process through the organisation of consultation and information sessions on draft EU legislation and policies.
  • Offering technical assistance to local councils, NGOs and Government entities to tap into, and apply for, EU funds.

Each student was given an information pack with MEUSAC’s latest publications, including MEUSAC News out with The Times of Malta, and other EU-related material such as a catalogue featuring funding opportunities.




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