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Consultation Session: GPP Criteria - Electric and Electronic Equipment (Medical)

25 November 2016

During a consultation session organised by MEUSAC on Friday, November 25, 2016 in collaboration with the Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change (MSDEC), Ms Branica Xuereb, GPP co-ordinator at MSDEC gave another presentation on the revision of Green Public Procurement (GPP) criteria, this time concerning health sector electrical equipment and IT equipment (computers and monitors), given that such products are heavily procured locally.

She told a well-attended session that the aim of the revision is to encourage the use, sale and purchase of ‘greener’ equipment to save on electricity consumption.

Stakeholders’ main concern turned out to be the issue concerning product longevity and warranties of equipment since it is being proposed that a five-year warranty is given. Some of those present argued that’s it’s near to impossible to offer a five-year warranty when currently, only one to two-year warranties are offered.

Since the aim of the session was to hear out stakeholders’ concerns, the issue which was raised was taken note of and is expected to be followed up before an EU-wide decision is taken by the European Commission.

Worthy of note is that the medical technology industry is a significant contributor to the European economy - it generates annual sales of €95 billion and the industry is growing at more than five per cent per annum.

Feedback can be sent to gpp@gov.mt or branica.xuereb@gov.mt.