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Consultation Session: GPP Criteria - Road Design, Construction and Maintenance

21 November 2016

During a consultation session organised by MEUSAC on Monday, November 21, 2016 in collaboration with the Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change (MSDEC), Ms Branica Xuereb, GPP co-ordinator at MSDEC gave a presentation on the revision Green Public Procurement (GPP) criteria for Road Design, Construction and Maintenance. The aim of the revision is to eventually launch the second GPP National Action Plan.

The GPP criteria for road design, construction and maintenance were published by the European Commission this year.

She explained that the objective of the new criteria is to tackle the construction of roads as a system rather than an individual component.

“Contrary to the previous GPP criteria for this sector, the newly launched criteria also took into consideration the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing roads in addition to the construction of new roads.

“The manufacture of the road construction materials, transportation of materials, construction processes, fuel consumption during the road service life, maintenance interventions, and the end of life stages have all been considered to effectively reduce the related environmental impacts.”

The implementation of the GPP in Malta was formalised in 2011 through the publication of the first GPP NAP. The NAP established GPP targets for 18 product and service groups and proposed a series of measures for their attainment. The requirements on GPP apply to all public tenders falling within the scope of the Public Procurement Regulations irrespective of tender type, value, tendering procedure or the nature of the contracting authority.

In light of the developments in procurement policies, Malta’s NAP is to undergo a review in order to reinvigorate and strengthen the GPP process in Malta.