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Consultation Session: Waste Batteries and Accumulators

26 September 2016

Households and businesses, including importers of batteries, can risk facing a €100 fine per battery disposed of wrongly, according to proposed regulations which will come into force once amendments to the Waste Batteries Regulations are approved.

A consultation session was held at the Leap Centre in Valletta on Monday, September 26, 2016 for importers of batteries and waste recycling company representatives where representatives from the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA) explained the proposed new rules tied to the Waste Batteries Regulations, as per Directive 2006/66/EC. The session was organised by MEUSAC in conjunction with ERA.

ERA representatives said the fines are aimed at bringing about the separate disposal of waste batteries. Batteries can impact negatively the environment when disposed of in the wrong manner.

Persons running battery waste schemes will pay 500 to apply for a permit and once the permit is issued must pay 10 per member involved in the scheme – schemes which play the part for battery producers who are obliged to adhere to certain regulations.

Battery importers present expressed their disappointment at the fact that they are still having to pay eco-tax contributions while also having to pay for the proper disposal of batteries.

One industry player said that industry has been insisting that it is not prepared to pay both the eco contributions and the fee to see that batteries are disposed of properly.