Originally set up during the negotiations leading to Malta's accession to the EU to serve as a focal point which gave civil society and the social partners an opportunity to mould Malta's position in various aspects of the acquis, MEUSAC (the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee) was re-activated in 2008 and established as an agency in terms of the Public Administration Act (Cap. 497) by Legal Notice 154 of 2017.

The Agency has the following functions:

(a) to stimulate and lead a national debate on European ideals, values, objectives and long term strategies;

(b) to discuss the impact proposed EU measures could have on Malta, its institutions, its specific sectors and ordinary citizens through a structured consultation process and other initiatives;

(c) to establish and maintain dialogue between those participating in the EU decision-making processes;

(d) to provide support on EU programmes and funding;

(e) to disseminate EU-related information, seeking to ensure in particular that the public is well and adequately informed on Malta's positions within the EU and its institutions as well as the rights Maltese citizens have as EU citizens.

MEUSAC has the following duties:

(a) to steer a structured consultation process on EU policy and legislation with stakeholders;

(b) to provide EU-related information to stakeholders and to the public with particular emphasis on Malta’s position within the EU and its institutions as well as the rights Maltese citizens have as EU citizens; and

(c) to provide information and assistance on EU funding programmes, in particular by advising and assisting local councils and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to draw up and submit competitive project applications.