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Management Partnership

"The person in the street does not know or care about the differences between EU institutions. They want results and they want to be informed about them. For too long we have blamed one another for the EU's communication failures. It's time to end the blame game. It's time to work together ". Margot Wallström, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy, October 2007.

In a bid to bring Europe closer to its citizens and to address the communication gap between the citizens and the European Institutions, in March 2009 a four year Delegation Agreement was signed between the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC) and the European Commission. The overall objective of the Management Partnership was to strengthen coherence and synergies between the activities undertaken by the different EU institutions and by Member States, in order to offer citizens better access and a better understanding of the impact of EU policies at European, national and local level. The Delegation Agreement provided for joint action by the Member States and the EU institutions aimed at increasing communication actions locally by creating fora for public dialogue on EU related matters. Malta was the 10th country to enter into such an agreement.

The implementation of management partnerships was a shared responsibility of the Commission and the Intermediary Bodies designated by the respective Member State's authorities. While the Commission provided funding, human resources and infrastructure were provided by the Member State. The Maltese Government designated MEUSAC as the Intermediary Body for the implementation of the Management Partnership in Malta.


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