MEUSAC (the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee) was re-activated in 2008 and established as an agency in terms of the Public Administration Act (Cap. 595) by Legal Notice 154 of 2017.

Our Functions

  • Promoting dialogue on European ideals, values and actions;
  • Communicating EU-related rights, policies and funding opportunities, and their impact on citizens;
  • Facilitating a structured consultation process on EU policy and legislation with stakeholders;
  • Assisting national and local government and civil society organisations to apply for EU-funded projects.

The Way we Work

It is in our logo – Connecting Citizens to the EU – and this is what we do.

We assist organisations to tap into EU funding, involve civil society in the EU’s decision-making processes, and inform citizens on the latest developments in the EU, including policies, laws, initiatives, rights and obligations.

MEUSAC provides latest information on upcoming EU funding opportunities, with a clear understanding of funding goals and guidelines and has helped various organisations submit competitive project applications to implement their dream project.

We provide general information on the EU by promoting active citizenship and creating various initiatives and events for citizens to know more on the EU and to air their views to help shape EU policies and laws that directly affect them.

MEUSAC also hosts Europe Direct Valletta – one of many walk-in information centres found across the EU, serving as an additional platform to MEUSAC’s information services.

Our clients are citizens, representatives of various organisations, local councils and government entities.

Over the years we built a very good reputation both locally and abroad and pride ourselves to be one of the few government organisations in Europe to provide such services.

We strongly believe in constant engagement with stakeholders by offering personalised, flexible and reliable services in a professional and timely manner.


EDIC Valletta

The Europe Direct Information Centres (EDICs) is a network of some 450 walk-in offices, across the EU.

It is one of the main tools of the European Commission to engage with citizens on EU-related topics at local and regional level. The EDICs’ mission is to provide EU citizens with information about the EU, referring them to specialised information services and signposting to other services and networks. EDICs give information, advice, assistance, and answers to questions about the EU and, in particular, about the rights of EU citizens, the EU’s priorities, legislation, policies, programmes, and funding opportunities.

Additionally, EDICs stimulate debate through the organisation of conferences and events, and channel citizens’ feedback to the EU.

The Malta-EU Steering & Action Committee (MEUSAC) has been chosen by the European Commission to host the Europe Direct Information Centre in Valletta from January 1, 2018 and will run for three years.

The Europe Direct network is one of the main channels of information about the EU for European citizens with the overall objective of providing citizens with easy access to information about the EU and its activities. The centres are hosted within existing entities that guarantee a good geographical coverage as well as the necessary capacity and expertise to deal with EU queries from the public, direct enquiries to the best sources of information on EU matters and provide EU publications available for public dissemination.

A new feature of this dynamic generation is the ability to go the extra mile with their work programme, moving forward to a proactive approach where it engages with civil society, for example by organising Citizens’ Dialogues or being willing to do transnational pilot projects, bringing together EDICs from either side of a border.

The choice of the Europe Direct host organisations was made through a Call for Proposals launched in all EU Member States in 2017. Europe Direct Valletta is part of a network of about 450 EU information centres across the EU.